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Ai marketing 5g smartphones nanotechnology developments Newcastle United takeover Q&A: Will Saudi-led takeover pass owners’ and directors’ test?


Ai marketing 5g smartphones nanotechnology developments Newcastle United takeover Q&A: Will Saudi-led takeover pass owners’ and directors’ test?

A potential Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle United has come under intense scrutiny, particularly around the country’s human rights record, but will that matter to the Premier League?We are likely to find out in the next two weeks as it carries out the necessary checks to see if a country accused of murdering a journalist,…

Ai marketing  5g smartphones  nanotechnology developments  Newcastle United takeover Q&A: Will Saudi-led takeover pass owners’ and directors’ test?

Ai marketing 5g smartphones nanotechnology developments

ai marketing 5g smartphones nanotechnology developments St James' Park, home of Newcastle United

A prospective Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle United has come under extreme analysis, especially around the country’s human rights record, but will that matter to the Premier League?

We are most likely to discover in the next two weeks as it performs the required checks to see if a country accused of killing a journalist, and of executing 184 people in 2019, is deemed ‘fit and appropriate’ to run a Premier League club.

That expression has been left out from what is now called the owners’ and directors’ test, which determines whether owners fulfill requirements higher than those required by law in order to safeguard football’s reputation and image.

Some human rights organisations have said the Saudis – who are set to finance 80%of a ₤300 m takeover at Newcastle through their Public Mutual fund – fall well except those standards.

” Passing this deal would set a harmful precedent,” says Nicholas McGeehan of Fair/Square.

But will Saudi Arabia’s list of supposed abuses trigger the Premier League to block the deal?

What is the owners’ and directors’ test?

Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore told the BBC in 2017: “The owners’ and directors’ test is based on two things essentially – have you dedicated any of the criminal activities that state you can not perhaps own a club, and then it’s down to the finances.”

The Premier League handbook consists of a list of disqualifying occasions which range from a person holding “the power to affect another club” to any unspent convictions or being in charge of a business that folded.

The varieties of owners who have failed this test openly are reasonably couple of.

However, in the very same interview, Scudamore stated the number faced “at least the tens, probably into the 20 s”.

” It should be of some peace of mind to fans how deep and how tough we deal with this,” he included. “It’s very comprehensive. We have very deep and resourceful intelligence networks.”

What are the problems with Newcastle’s takeover?

Fair/Square composed to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and Football Association CEO Mark Bullingham recently to highlight 2 parts of the test which they feel are premises for the Saudi bid to be disqualified:

  • F1.2: The power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, chair of the PIF, to determine or influence another club, in this case Sheffield United, which is owned by another Saudi, Prince Abdullah.
  • F. 1.6: The Crown Prince’s conduct, which would constitute an offense in the United Kingdom despite whether it resulted in a conviction.

Human rights organisations have actually implicated Bin Salman of several criminal activities and western intelligence companies claim there is proof linking the killing of reporter Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018 to the Crown Prince – something he rejects.

Saudi authorities blamed a “rogue operation” for Khashoggi’s death.

Media playback is not supported on this device.

Mohammed bin Salman is asked: “Did you order the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?”

McGeehan informed BBC Sport the “United States senate all decided that Bin Salman was accountable” for Khashoggi’s death.

As for the power to influence Sheffield United, McGeehan states that between 2017 and 2019 Bin Salman detained “scores of senior Saudis, consisting of princes” in a hotel and “required them to turn over billions of dollars in properties in return for their liberty”.

” So not only he is in a position of severe control over Prince Abdullah, however we understand for a well-documented fact that he has utilized his power ruthlessly to effectively shake down other princes, irrespective of his household ties to them,” McGeehan states.

” Given the relationship in between the 2, you could envision a circumstance where other clubs, whose fortune or fate might depend on the result of a match in between Sheffield United and Newcastle United, would have sound issue.

” There are any number of scenarios in which he might apply his influence and the stipulation in the test exists to avoid that. There is also the problem with Abu Dhabi’s ownership of Manchester City. We understand Bin Salman is a close ally of Sheikh Mansour, who efficiently runs Abu Dhabi and manages Man City so it’s not simply Sheffield United.”

Manchester City decreased to comment, but have privately dismissed the claims.

The Premier League has also been asked by Qatar broadcaster beIN Sports to think about “the direct role of Saudi Arabia” in beoutQ unlawfully revealing matches in the Middle East region, although there is a long-running diplomatic row in between the 2 nations.

Saudi broadcaster Arabsat has actually constantly denied that beoutQ uses its frequencies to transmit unlawfully and has actually implicated beIN of lagging “defamation attempts and deceptive projects”.

That could prove to be a crucial consideration as to whether the test is passed, especially as the Premier League composed to the US federal government in February urging it to keep Saudi Arabia on a watch list due to the fact that it stated the country “remained a centre for piracy”.

McGeehan added: “I can understand why Newcastle fans may not be up to speed with what goes on in Saudi Arabia, but that is the Premier League’s task.”

BBC Sport has actually called the Saudi wealth fund for a reaction to Fair/Square’s concerns.

Will the Saudis pass the test?

If that sounds like an engaging case for failure, it may be worth considering some of those who have actually passed the owners’ and directors’ test in recent history.

Human rights groups composed to the Premier League when previous Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra took control of as owner of Manchester City in 2007, implicating him of being a “human rights abuser of the worst kind”.

Thaksin’s legal representative, Noppadol Pattama, told BBC Sport at the time the allegations were totally unproven.

” The civil and human rights charges versus him have actually never been proven,” stated Noppadol. “My client is worthy of to be treated as an innocent guy, until proven guilty.

” So far there hasn’t been any solid proof versus him.”

The bottom line in the Premier League’s eyes was he had actually not been found guilty of those allegations when he took charge. After he left the club, he was charged with corruption, denying any wrongdoing.

City’s current Abu Dhabi owners, who changed Thaksin in 2008, have also been accused of concealing their nation’s human rights record. They passed the test with no obvious issues.

A source acquainted with previous choices informed BBC Sport the Newcastle takeover is most likely to go through due to the fact that the Premier League can not function as ethical arbiter on owners. It will just base its decision on infringements that have been shown.

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It will be difficult to reach that limit with numerous of the allegations levelled at Saudi Arabia, and the case against the Newcastle takeover is not assisted by the UK federal government’s trade handle the country.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden stated the takeover was a matter for the Premier League, so a government intervention is unlikely.

Responding to Fair/Square’s letter, Masters said he might not discuss the ongoing process of the prospective takeover, however added: “I can assure you that these procedures surpass those needed by UK business law and they are applied with equal rigour to every potential purchase of a Premier League club.”

‘ Newcastle will be utilized as a lorry to prevent justice’

The test of Newcastle fans appears to have been passed already.

A poll of 3,410 Newcastle United Supporters’ Trust members found that 96.7%remained in favour of the Saudi-led takeover.

McGeehan stated: “It’s reasonable enough for Newcastle fans to want the cash and success but their desire for that doesn’t defeat the need for the victims to get justice and accountability. The club will be utilized as a lorry to prevent that taking place.

” We need a serious dispute about football club ownership. There are unscrupulous owners, and that’s a problem, however federal governments have no place running these social organizations.

” Passing this deal would set a dangerous precedent, and what’s to stop another Saudi prince purchasing another English club?”

As long as they pass the owners’ and directors’ test, which remains contested, the response to that appears to be absolutely nothing.

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