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Trump vs. Pelosi: What happened in Chinatown

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Trump vs. Pelosi: What happened in Chinatown

“I closed it up long before Pelosi. You know, she was having parties in San Francisco. ‘Let’s all go to Chinatown.’” “Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA. Based on her statement, she is responsible for many deaths.…

Trump vs. Pelosi: What happened in Chinatown

” I closed it up long before Pelosi. You understand, she was having celebrations in San Francisco. ‘Let’s all go to Chinatown.'”

” Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She desired everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA. Based upon her statement, she is accountable for numerous deaths. She’s an inept, third-rate politician!”

” By the method, I did that very early, while Nancy Pelosi was attempting to have, in San Francisco, celebrations in Chinatown. Since they– she thought it would be terrific. She wished to show that this thing does not exist.”

” In February, Nancy Pelosi stated we should come to Chinatown. This is late February. ‘Concern Chinatown. We believe it’s very safe. Come here. Let’s all have the huge parade– Chinatown parade.’ Probably referring to San Francisco. And that’s it. But I took this action early.”

Notification a theme, besides the truth that President Trump obviously detests House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)?

Under fire for responding too slowly to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump is attempting to turn the tables and argue that Pelosi was in fact slower than he was. He indicates his choice reliable on Feb. 2 to impose some travel constraints on non-U.S. residents coming from China– and contrasts that with a see Pelosi made to San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Naturally, Chinatown is not China. And there are lots of things that Trump keeps getting wrong about her visit. It was pretty uneventful, but he attempts to spice it up with claims that she called for a “big parade,” a “street celebration,” a “street fair” etc. Then he tosses in some extremely false claims.

The Realities

Trump’s duplicated remarks dismissing the risk of the coronavirus to the United States have proved to be a problem for his reelection project. A president sets the national tone. But, to be reasonable, other prominent political leaders also did not reveal early alarm or advocate the severe social distancing tactics now set in the majority of the country.

So let’s take a look at what Pelosi did and how that tracks with Trump’s description.

Pelosi visited San Francisco’s Chinatown on Feb.24 To view videos of her sees two months later is practically disconcerting, as she walks arm-in-arm and strolls amidst a crowd. She made clear that the point of her visit was to reveal it was “really safe to be in Chinatown,” which had actually been hit hard by a drop in tourism after reports of the infection emerging from China.

” This worry is– I think– unwarranted in light of the safety measures that are being taken here in the United States,” she said, noting that fashion programs in Italy were being held without audiences.

” I can’t promote any other country,” she included, though she likewise stated: “I do think that since it began in China, there’s a concern that are the– is the Chinese government doing what it needed to do early enough, and now as we go forward. However that must not be carried over to Chinatown and San Francisco.”

Asked whether she had self-confidence in the federal government, Pelosi did not point out Trump but said she had self-confidence in Anthony S. Fauci of the National Institutes of Health. “Prevention, prevention, avoidance,” she said. “We want individuals to be concerned and vigilant. Nevertheless, we do not desire them to be afraid.”

Other than a recommendation to a parade that happened two weeks earlier, Pelosi did not propose a parade, a street fair or a party, as Trump claimed. She never showed that she doubted the virus existed, as Trump claimed. She promoted Chinese services, even tweeting a brief video of her making fortune cookies.

It was an enjoyment to try my hand at making fortune cookies at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory (with a little assistance from owner Kevin Chan, naturally).

The message inside?

” United We Stand.”

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) February 25, 2020

That tweet is still on her Twitter account. Yet Trump wrongly claimed that she had deleted a tweet of her see to Chinatown. The video in Trump’s tweet originated from a news clip, and there is no record of Pelosi deleting such a tweet.

There is also no proof that Pelosi was accountable for “numerous deaths.” As of April 22, there have actually been an overall of 21 deaths in San Francisco County; the first death was not announced until March 25, a month after her trip to Chinatown.

Chinatown, in reality, had no covid-19 cases since mid-April in its 22 blocks, according to a report published by the New york city Times. “In spite of being particularly susceptible to the novel coronavirus in the United States, Chinatown turned out to be well-prepared, unlike other locations around the nation,” the short article said, pointing out a neighborhood plan of action that was put in place on Feb. 1, highlighting frequent hand-cleaning, schedule of sanitizers and education on fundamental health concepts, consisting of frequent use of masks.

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The day after her check out, Pelosi published a Twitter thread saying that Trump’s reaction to the emerging crisis hence far was inadequate.

Americans require a collaborated, fully-funded, whole-of-government response to keep them and their liked ones safe. The President’s ask for coronavirus action funding is long past due and completely inadequate to the scale of this emergency situation.

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) February 25, 2020

Trump, meanwhile, firmly insisted things were fine:

… Democrats talking point is that we are doing badly. If the virus vanished tomorrow, they would say we did a really poor, and even inept, task. Unfair, however it is what it is. So far, by the way, we have actually not had one death. Let’s keep it that method!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 26, 2020

2 days after Pelosi’s visit, on Feb. 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance announced the very first case of possible community transmission— showing that the virus was spreading calmly through the United States. The statement came as Trump held a news conference after returning from a journey to India.

Trump compared the coronavirus to the seasonal influenza. “It is a bit different, but in some ways it’s easier and in some ways it’s a bit tougher,” he stated. “However we have it so well under control. I suggest, we really have done an extremely great task.” He included: “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a number of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a quite great task we have actually done.”

On Feb. 27, Trump informed press reporters: “We have actually done an extraordinary task. We’re going to continue. It’s going to disappear. One day– it resembles a wonder– it will vanish.”

The first verified death from covid-19, the disease caused by the unique coronavirus, came on Feb. 29, 4 days after her visit. Pelosi tweeted:

Regretfully and prayerfully, today, we learned of the first death from the #coronavirus in the United States. The American individuals anticipate a well-coordinated, fully-funded reaction that appropriately addresses this public health crisis.

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) February 29, 2020

Days later, on March 10, Trump continued the exact same style of serendipity: “It will go away. Simply remain calm. It will go away.” Even on March 11, he optimistically stated: “If we eliminate the coronavirus issue rapidly, we will not need [economic] stimulus.”

The Pinocchio Test

Let’s do an accounting here. Trump declared Pelosi deleted a tweet; that’s incorrect. There was no such tweet, and her tweet of her check out is still on her timeline. He implicated her of triggering numerous deaths, when there have actually been none in Chinatown and fairly couple of in San Francisco. He states she urged street fairs and parades, however that’s not real. She advocated patronage of Chinese services.

In regards to recommending that he took the crisis seriously and she did not, that’s a stretch. Contrary to Trump’s claim, she never ever recommended that the virus did not exist. In Chinatown, she advised individuals to take precautions and to be watchful. A day later, she called for a wider, more powerful response. The president, meanwhile, continued with happy talk for at least two weeks later.

That adds up to Four Pinocchios.

Four Pinocchios

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