Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Review

By Jeffrey James

With a little over two months for the release of the biggest movie of the year, the final trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was finally released.  After months of waiting since the first teaser was released back in April, we have entered the beginning of the final marketing push.  And oh how worth it the wait has been!

This new trailer has a lot of revealing moments: Rey training with Luke;  A huge space battle that culminates with Kylo Ren (who sports an awesome scar on his face after his fight with Rey in The Force Awakens) preparing to shoot down his mother’s (Leia) ship; Finn fighting Captain Phasma;  A fearful Luke, possibly because of Rey?  Finally, Kylo Ren reaches out to Rey who seems to be asking for guidance.

Even though there are a lot of fantastic moments revealed in this trailer, one thing still stands shrouded like an ewok in the shadow of an AT-AT…the plot.

Nothing in the trailer really revealed the actual story of the movie.  The only true plot points we know are from the leftovers of The Force Awakens.  We already know Rey will be training with Luke.  We already know Kylo Ren is looking to redeem himself.  We assumed Supreme Leader Snoke will have more of a prescence, which is confirmed by the voice-over in the beginning of the trailer.  Other than that, we virtually know nothing about the new film.

Don’t get me wrong…I love it!  I don’t need to know the major plot points.  I am perfectly fine entering the theater without any clue of what is going to happen.  The trailer informs the audience with just enough information of what will take place without giving away major spoilers.

My only issue is the scene in the trailer where Kylo Ren is about to shoot down his mother. It’s hard criticizing a trailer scene without knowing the full context, but I feel this scene will have a lot of emotional weight on Kylo.  Maybe it would be better if this scene wasn’t revealed until the release.

I feel the world needed this trailer though.  It’s been six months since the first teaser was released and there hasn’t been much marketing since.  In other words, it is hard to get hyped for a movie (even if it is the juggernaut Star Wars) without any promotion.  I was definitely excited for this film but after the trailer releases of other major films in the last couple of months, it seemed Disney was falling behind on marketing.  It’s hard to really get excited for this film without anything to whet my appetite.  I remember there was so much hype around The Force Awakens in the year before the release that I had a dream six months before the release that I saw it.  Before this trailer release, I wasn’t nearly as hyped.   I am now!  That being said, in all truthfulness, the name Star Wars is really the only advertisement Disney needs to market this movie.  This trailer and the rest of the marketing until December 15 is just a treat for us fans.

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