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AP FACT CHECK: Trump muddies facts on mail ballots, Harris


AP FACT CHECK: Trump muddies facts on mail ballots, Harris

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is muddying the facts about mail-in voting and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.Asked to disclaim the racist conspiracy theory that Harris isn’t eligible to serve in the White House because of her immigrant parents, Trump repeatedly demurred and said he knew little…

AP FACT CHECK: Trump muddies facts on mail ballots, Harris

WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump is muddying the truths about mail-in voting and vice governmental candidate Kamala Harris on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

Asked to disclaim the racist conspiracy theory that Harris isn’t qualified to serve in the White House due to the fact that of her immigrant moms and dads, Trump consistently demurred and stated he knew little about it, even as the false reports swirled on social networks over the past week. Harris undoubtedly meets the Constitution’s requirements to be vice president. On Sunday, Trump’s own White House chief of personnel acknowledged her eligibility.

Trump also continued to blast mail-in ballot as problematic and deceptive while firmly insisting that absentee mail ballots, particularly in states like Florida that he must win in November, are quite fine and safe. There are little distinctions in security steps in between the two.

His weekend declares topped a litany of distortion and falsehoods following Joe Biden’s statement of Harris as his running mate. He misrepresented Biden’s position on taxes, continued minimizing the coronavirus risk and overemphasized his own record on the economy.

An appearance at the previous week’s rhetoric, also covering Social Security and more:


TRUMP: “Absentee is great; mail-in, universal is very, extremely bad. There’s no other way they’re going to get it properly.”– news conference Saturday.

TRUMP: “The respectable thing to do is drop the Mail-In Scam before it is far too late! Absentee Ballots, like they have in Florida, are excellent!”– tweet Saturday.

THE REALITIES: He’s making an incorrect distinction. Mail-in tallies are cast in the same way as absentee mail ballots, with the exact same level of scrutiny such as signature confirmation in numerous states.

In more than 30 states and the District of Columbia, citizens have a right to “no excuse” absentee voting. That indicates they can utilize mail-in tallies for any factor, despite whether an individual is out of town or working. In Florida, the Legislature in 2016 voted to alter the wording of such balloting from “absentee” to “vote-by-mail” to make clear a voter can cast such ballots if they wish.

More broadly, voter fraud has shown exceedingly rare. The Brennan Center for Justice in 2017 ranked the risk of ballot fraud at 0.00004%to 0.0009%, based on research studies of previous elections.

Only nine states currently have prepare for “universal” mail-in voting, where ballots are sent instantly to registered citizens. Five of those states relied on mail-in tallies even prior to the coronavirus pandemic raised issues about voting face to face.

Blasting mail-in ballot, Trump in the previous week stated he may hold up funding for the U.S. Postal Service to restrain those votes across the 50 states.

” Trump is simply wrong about mail-in balloting raising a ‘incredible’ potential for scams,” Richard L. Hasen, an elections specialist at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law, wrote just recently. “While specific pockets of the nation have actually seen their share of absentee-ballot scandals, issues are extremely unusual in the five states that rely mostly on vote-by-mail, consisting of the heavily Republican state of Utah.”

White Home chief of staff Mark Meadows said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Trump had asked for a Florida absentee mail ballot to enact November.



TRUMP, inquired about social media claims that Harris is not qualified to run for vice president due to the fact that her parents were immigrants to the U.S.: “I heard it today that she does not satisfy the requirements. … I have no idea if that’s right. I would have presumed that the Democrats would have inspected that out.”– press conference Thursday.

TRUMP, inquired about the topic once again: “I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I read something about it.” He included: “It’s not something that bothers me. … It’s not something that we will be pursuing.” Asked point blank if Harris is eligible, Trump replied: “I just informed you. I have actually not entered into it in excellent information.”– press conference Saturday.

THE REALITIES: Harris, a senator from California, is without question eligible.

Harris, 55, was born in Oakland, California, making her a natural-born U.S. citizen and eligible to be president if Biden were unable to serve a full term. Her daddy, an economist from Jamaica, and her mother, a cancer researcher from India, met at the University of California, Berkeley, as college students.

The Constitution needs a vice president to satisfy the eligibility requirements to be president. That includes being a natural-born U.S. person, at least 35 years old and a local in the U.S. for at least 14 years.

” I can’t think people are making this idiotic comment,” Laurence Tribe, a Harvard University teacher of constitutional law, informed The Associated Press in 2019, when similar false claims emerged about Harris during her presidential run.

” She is a natural born person and there is no question about her eligibility to run,” Tribe said.

On Sunday, Meadows stated he accepted that Harris is qualified to act as vice president.

” Sure,” stated Meadows, when asked on CNN whether he acknowledges the reality that she fulfills the constitutional requirements to be president or vice president. “And I think the president spoke to this the other day. This is not something that we’re going to pursue.”

Harris is the first Black female and Asian American to complete on a major celebration’s presidential ticket. Trump in previous years enjoyed the incorrect conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was born abroad. Only after installing pressure throughout his 2016 campaign did Trump disavow the claims.


TRUMP: “If Biden would win … he’s going to double and triple everybody’s taxes.”– news conference Wednesday.

THE REALITIES: Trump is overemphasizing. Hugely so.

Biden would raise taxes, primarily on the rich. However a July price quote by the Committee for an Accountable Federal Spending plan finds that the increase is a small portion of what Trump claimed. The former vice president’s strategy would raise “taxes for the leading 1 percent of earners by 13 to 18%of after-tax earnings, while indirectly increasing taxes for a lot of other groups by 0.2 to 0.6%,” the nonpartisan group said.

To put that in perspective, tax collections would increase by $3.4 trillion to $3.7 trillion over the next years. That is a great deal of cash. However it’s not a doubling or tripling. The government is on rate to gather $47 trillion over the next years, so the Biden plan would be roughly be a 7.8%boost in earnings.


TRUMP PROJECT: “Recently, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and requested an apology she never ever got.”– statement Tuesday from Katrina Pierson, Trump 2020 senior consultant.

THE REALITIES: She never called Biden a racist.

Pierson appears to be describing Harris’ remarks during a Democratic main argument in Miami in June 2019 when the California senator challenged Biden’s record of opposing busing as a way to incorporate schools in the 1970 s.

Harris prefaced her criticism by informing Biden at that time, “I do not think you are a racist. I agree with you when you commit yourself to the significance of finding commonalities.”

She then went on: “It was in fact hurtful to hear you talk about the credibilities of two United States senators who constructed their credibilities and profession on the partition of race in this nation. It was not just that however you also dealt with them to oppose busing.

” There was a little girl in California who became part of the 2nd class to integrate her public schools,” Harris stated. “She was bused to school every day. That little woman was me.”

It was a breakthrough moment for Harris at the prospects’ very first argument, sensational Biden, who reacted that “he did not applaud racists” and offered a hairsplitting defense of his position on busing. But she did not accuse him of being racist.



TRUMP: “The production sector is growing and the production index is at the highest reading since October of ’18, which was an extraordinary amount of time.”– press conference Wednesday.

THE TRUTHS: The pandemic crushed U.S. factories and the damage persists. There is no boom.

Even after three months of job gains, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Stats shows the production sector has 740,000 fewer tasks than before the break out. All the factory employing gains under Trump have disappeared. There were 257,000 more producing jobs on the day Trump ended up being president than now. More crucial, the tasks healing has revealed signs of stalling. Just 26,000 factory jobs were included in July, below 357,000 included tasks in June.

The sector has been recovering. Yet after increases in production in June, the Federal Reserve said U.S. factory output was running 11.1%listed below pre-pandemic levels. Trump mentioned one component of an index composed by the Institute for Supply Management that suggests factory production grew in July too. It was the finest reading because August of 2018, not October as claimed by the president. However that very same report showed that makers are likewise cutting down on employment, recommending that a boom has yet to start.



TRUMP: “At the end of the year, the presumption that I win, I’m going to terminate the payroll tax … We’ll be paying into Social Security through the general fund.”– news conference Wednesday.

THE FACTS: Under Trump’s proposition, Social Security would lose its dedicated funding source.

Payroll taxes raise about $1 trillion annually for Social Security, and the president was unconcerned about the loss of those revenues. Trump project officials worried that the general fund includes assets and liabilities that finance federal government operations and might do so for Social Security. The general fund is nicknamed “America’s Checkbook” on the Treasury Department’s website.

The danger is that the loss of a dedicated funding source might destabilize an anti-poverty program that provides payments to roughly 65 million Americans. It also might force individuals to cut down on the costs that drives development so they can conserve for their own retirement and healthcare requires if they believe the federal government backstop remains in jeopardy.

A 12.4%payroll tax split between companies and workers funds Social Security, while a 2.9%payroll tax finances Medicare. The Social Security tax raised roughly $1 trillion in 2015, according to government figures. Over a 10- year duration, Trump’s idea would blow a $13 trillion hole in a U.S. budget that is already laden with increasing debt loads.

Trump revealed a payroll tax deferral through the end of the year, part of a series of relocate to bypass Congress after talks on a more comprehensive coronavirus relief bill that has stalled. He says he will make it a permanent tax cut with the help of Congress. Democrats have actually described that idea as a nonstarter.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday recommended to reporters that Trump misspoke when he said he would eliminate the payroll tax if reelected. She said the president would just push to make the payroll tax deferments long-term. However Trump clearly stated that he would get rid of the payroll tax 4 times at his Wednesday press rundown and even addressed a concern about “completely” rescinding it.


TRUMP, asked how the basic fund can sustain the payments: “We’re going to have remarkable growth. … You will see growth like you have not seen in a long time.”– news conference Wednesday.

THE REALITIES: It is extremely not likely that financial growth would be adequate to offset the loss of the payroll tax. Trump has a record of making wildly unlikely growth projections. He recommended that his 2017 income tax cuts would move financial growth as high as 6%every year. That never ever taken place. Growth reached 3%in 2018, then dropped to 2.2%and the U.S. economy fell apart into recession this year since of the coronavirus.



TRUMP: “You can’t compare it to1917 That was unbelievable. That was– that was the worst ever without a doubt. That was– you look at– they lost perhaps 100 million individuals.”– press conference Saturday.

TRUMP, on COVID-19: “No one comprehended it because no one has actually ever seen anything like this. The closest thing is, in 1917, they say– right? The great– the fantastic pandemic certainly was an awful thing, where they lost, anywhere from 50 to 100 million people. Probably ended the 2nd World War; all the soldiers were sick.”– news instruction on Aug. 10.

THE REALITIES: He got the year wrong for the Spanish flu, as he routinely does, and might have overstated deaths from it. The pandemic spread from early 1918 to late1920 It eliminated an approximated 50 million around the world, with about 675,000 of the deaths in the U.S., according to the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention.

That pandemic did not end World War II, which came twenty years later.


TRUMP: “We’re still in the pandemic, which will be disappearing, as I say, it will be going away. And they yell, how you can you state that? I stated, since it’s going to be disappearing.”– interview Thursday on Fox Business Network.

THE REALITIES: No matter how lots of times he says it, the virus is not going to just amazingly disappear.

The infection is now blamed for more than 166,000 deaths and more than 5.2 million validated infections in the U.S.– quickly the highest overalls on the planet. In the past week, the typical variety of brand-new cases daily was on the rise in eight states, and deaths per day were climbing up in 26, according to an Associated Press analysis.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top contagious illness official, has actually warned that increased cases across the South and West in particular put “the entire country at risk.” On Thursday, for circumstances, the rate of favorable virus cases in Texas soared to the highest levels of the pandemic, with nearly 1 in every 4 coronavirus tests returning positive. Nevada had its biggest day-to-day jump in coronavirus casualties to date.

In February, Trump asserted coronavirus cases were going “very considerably down, not up,” and said it will be great since “in April, supposedly, it dies with the hotter weather.”

Fauci states there “definitely” will be coronavirus infections in the fall and winter.


TRUMP, on whether he still believes kids are basically immune from COVID-19: “Yeah, I think that, for the many part, they do extremely well. I mean, they– they don’t get really sick. They don’t catch it easily.”– news instruction Tuesday.

THE TRUTHS: They aren’t immune, and he overlooks racial disparities among those kids who get contaminated.

Although it’s real that kids are less most likely than grownups to develop COVID-19, the CDC has however counted more than 250,000 infections by the virus in Americans more youthful than 18, or roughly 7%of all cases. Racial variations in the U.S. break out also reach children, with Hispanic and Black kids with COVID-19 more most likely to be hospitalized than white kids.

The total number of kids who have actually been infected however not confirmed is probably far higher than the CDC figures, professionals say, since those with moderate or no signs are less likely to get checked. Trump also glosses over the reality that kids can spread out illness without showing symptoms themselves.

The CDC in May also warned medical professionals to be on the lookout for an unusual however lethal inflammatory response in some kids who have actually had the coronavirus. The condition had been reported in more than 100 kids in New york city, and in some kids in numerous other states and in Europe, with some deaths.

Two recent federal government reports laid bare the racial disparities.

One of the CDC reports looked at kids with COVID-19 who required hospitalization. Hispanic kids were hospitalized at a rate eight times greater than white kids, and Black children were hospitalized at a rate five times higher, it discovered.

The 2nd report analyzed cases of the rare virus-associated syndrome in kids. It discovered that nearly three-quarters of the children with the syndrome were either Hispanic or Black, well above their representation in the general population.



TRUMP: “Ballots are defrauded.”– press conference Saturday.

TRUMP: “You just look at what occurred with the Carolyn Maloney race. They ought to do that race over, by the way. … When you look at the tally, the ballots that are missing, and the tally scams– no one knows what’s happening with that race, and yet they stated her a winner.”– news conference Wednesday.

THE REALITIES: There’s no proof of fraud in the Democratic congressional main in New York City that was won by Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney. Nor did Trump provide any evidence of fraud.

New York State decided to enable anyone to vote by mail in the June primary due to the fact that of the pandemic. More than 400,000 individuals voted by absentee ballot in New York City, a figure that was 10 times the variety of absentee tallies cast in the 2016 main.

Opening and counting those ballots by elections officials took weeks, causing a legal conflict over nonfraud issues, such as missing out on postmarks. Prospects observing the count state that countless ballots were disqualified due to the fact that of technical mistakes citizens wouldn’t have actually encountered if they had enacted person, like issues with their signature.

New York City’s Board of Elections eventually accredited the results six weeks after the election.


Associated Press writers Amanda Seitz in Chicago, and Lauran Neergaard, Aamer Madhani and Darlene Superville in Washington added to this report.


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EDITOR’S NOTE– An appearance at the veracity of claims by political figures.


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