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AP PHOTOS: In empty Tel Aviv, only the clouds seem to move

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AP PHOTOS: In empty Tel Aviv, only the clouds seem to move

TEL AVIV, Israel — The normally bustling city of Tel Aviv, famed for its nightlife and rowdy beachfront, has fallen eerily quiet due to Israel’s tight restrictions on movement that are meant to halt the spread of the coronavirus.The city has the familiar anxious feeling of wartime, only now it’s silent without air raid sirens.…

AP PHOTOS: In empty Tel Aviv, only the clouds seem to move

TEL AVIV, Israel– The generally busy city of Tel Aviv, renowned for its night life and rowdy beachfront, has actually fallen eerily quiet due to Israel’s tight restrictions on motion that are suggested to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

The city has the familiar nervous sensation of wartime, only now it’s quiet without air raid sirens. The chirping of birds, when difficult to hear over the din of cars and trucks and buses, and chatter and music from restaurants, is audible on every street. The only things that seem to move are the clouds overhead.

Israel seems weathering the worldwide pandemic much better than numerous countries, in part due to the fact that of the lockdown restrictions. Israel’s Health Ministry has actually reported over 13,000 cases of COVID-19, the health problem triggered by the infection, and over 170 deaths.

Nonetheless, the impact of the coronavirus crisis on Tel Aviv is noticeable as its residents have actually largely observed government orders to stay in the house in recent weeks. Although individuals started to drip outdoors on Sunday as the federal government loosened its restrictions, the city’s generally traffic-clogged streets stayed empty.

Stoplights cycle through their red-yellow-green at empty crossways. Sidewalks when filled with pedestrians are bare however for the occasional homeless guy or dog walker, or Palestinian building employees, allowed to remain in the country for the period of the crisis, venturing out to purchase food.

By nightfall, packs of jackals desperate for food descend on the city’s stretching Hayarkon Park, taking over this urban sanctuary in the heart of the city.

Along Tel Aviv’s renowned beachfront, the shore is a sandy void. Tourists are long gone, and locals are disallowed from taking a dip regardless of the increasingly warm weather condition.

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Policeman on duty are alleviated to see another human face. The tape they have stuck on exercise devices on the beaches’ open-air health clubs to deter users has actually torn. The scruffy strips flap in the breeze with nobody around to disregard them.

And the clouds keep on moving.


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