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‘How to Build a Girl’ is the teenage girl’s answer to ‘Almost Famous’

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‘How to Build a Girl’ is the teenage girl’s answer to ‘Almost Famous’

Beanie Feldstein, right, and Emma Thompson in “How to Build a Girl.” (IFC Films) Rating: (3 stars) To every girl who watched “Almost Famous” and “High Fidelity” and bears the scars of trying to shoehorn her inner self into the male protagonist’s cramped psyche, “How to Build a Girl” arrives like a soothing, if imperfect,…

‘How to Build a Girl’ is the teenage girl’s answer to ‘Almost Famous’

Alfie Allen

Beanie Feldstein, right, and Emma Thompson in “How to Develop a Girl.” (IFC Films)


Ranking: (3 stars)

To every lady who enjoyed “Practically Famous” and “High Fidelity” and bears the scars of trying to insert her inner self into the male lead character’s confined psyche, “How to Construct a Lady” shows up like a soothing, if imperfect, balm.

Beanie Feldstein stars as Johanna Morrigan, a 16- year-old British high school student living in a council home with her affably disorderly working class household in Wolverhampton in the 1990 s. Thinking about romance, escape and literary success, she worships at the altar of Sylvia Plath, Jo March and the Bronte siblings, whose photos– together with other heroes and sheroes– adorn her crammed bed room wall. Breaking with prevented capacity and an indefatigable sense of her own future achievement, Johanna end up experimenting with for a task at a hip London music publication, eventually handling the personality of a swashbuckling “girl sex-pirate” and gimlet-eyed critic called Dolly Wilde. As a rock journalist, she needs to find out on the task: She can price quote Ulysses, but she can’t price estimate the Stones.

” How to Build a Woman” is adjusted by British author Caitlin Moran from her semi-autobiographical book of the very same name, and has actually been directed with a quippy lightness and madcap dashes of wonderful realism by Coky Giedroyc. A pantheon of comical skill– including Sharon Horgan, Lucy Punch and Michael Sheen– shows up in an unexpected gallery of cameos, and the movie ends up being ever livelier as Johanna adopts significantly over-the-top costumes, seemingly thrown up from scraps of Victoriana and the plumes of retired circus ponies. Her growing self-confidence as a writer accompanies a blossoming interest in the opposite sex: She falls for a rock star she interviews (perfectly played by Alfie Allen) and embarks on an ill-advised affair with an acid-tongued associate had fun with louche flair by Frank Dillane.

Fans of Moran’s Channel 4 comedy series “Raised by Wolves” may question why Helen Monks or another British starlet could not have played Johanna. The answer, no doubt, depends on the arcana of film financing. Feldstein valiantly tackles the Mids accent to the very best of her ability, but even her inherent charisma– you can’t take your eyes off her when she’s on screen– isn’t sufficient to make the audience forget that it’s an act.

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There are moments when Johanna’s meteoric ascent feels too perfunctory and squeakily wholesome to be real; but eventually “How to Build A Lady” exacts its comeuppance on a lead character whose adventurous confidence begins to sour into conceit and ruthlessness. The funny that Feldstein and the filmmakers find in Johanna’s often dreadful attempts to become herself keeps the film afloat; what keeps it connected to reality is the universal drama of a young lady discovering her voice without losing her soul.

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