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The latest excuses for Trump’s ‘white power’ tweet unmask his weakness

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The latest excuses for Trump’s ‘white power’ tweet unmask his weakness

President Trump’s reelection message is that white America is under siege — that white Americans are on the losing end of a race war.But what if white America — or, at least, a large chunk of it — isn’t buying the story that Trump is peddling?This question is thrust upon us by a new report…

The latest excuses for Trump’s ‘white power’ tweet unmask his weakness

President Trump’s reelection message is that white America is under siege– that white Americans are on the losing end of a race war.

But what if white America– or, a minimum of, a big portion of it– isn’t buying the story that Trump is marketing?

This concern is thrust upon us by a brand-new report in The Post detailing the events that unfolded after Trump shared a video on Twitter that included an advocate shouting “white power” at counterprotesters at a retirement neighborhood in Florida called The Villages.

The White House has spent days making excuses for Trump’s tweet. Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has actually insisted Trump didn’t hear the expression “white power” before retweeting the video– while simultaneously claiming he does enjoy videos before sharing them with his 83 million fans.

The White House is also claiming Trump deleted the tweet after learning of its white supremacist material from consultants and supporters. Yet this took 3 hours– obviously Trump couldn’t be reached while golfing– and the White Home has yet to condemn its sentiment.

Why no condemnation yet? The Post brings us this, from Monday’s press instruction:

As McEnany left the White House briefing space, reporters yelled after her, asking why the president and his advisers had actually declined to condemn the phrase “white power”– however the question was never presented during the news conference, nor did McEnany bring it up.

A senior White Home authorities said that had actually McEnany been asked, she was prepared to state that of course the president condemns white power, white nationalism and bigotry in any form.

However this raises another concern: Why aren’t the White House and Trump himself falling all over themselves to agreeably condemn it as rapidly and unequivocally as possible?

One assumes the White Home– and possibly Trump himself– will ultimately condemn the belief. But this new reason explicitly states McEnany would have clarified that naturally Trump condemns it, if she had actually been asked

So why must they be dragged to this point?

No more euphemisms

The answer, I think, exposes a weakness in Trump’s reelection effort. With almost 125,000 Americans dead and cases increasing again from a pandemic that Trump horribly mismanaged, and in the middle of the most pronounced civil turmoil in a half century, Trump’s propagandists want to convert condition to his advantage.

That’s obvious enough. However the true nature of it is frequently shrouded in euphemisms– Trump is “stoking division,” or “tossing a match on gasoline,” or some such expression, which implies Trump is a passive onlooker to social disputes that he’s merely cheering on for negative purposes.

It’s much even worse than that. Trump and his propagandists are actively attempting to engineer violent civil dispute, by signaling to white Americans that they are under siege in a race war that they’re losing.

The rub is that this signaling requires actually saying this in one form or another. Which forces Trump and his propagandists into a position where they need to be cagey about his actual desired significances when he does things like tweet out advocates shouting “white power.”

Trump and his propagandists desire a great deal of white Americans to think they need to take sides in a race war. They are expressly using the state to feed this impression: Trump and his top police and nationwide security authorities have consistently put the imprimatur of the federal government on an extensive falsification of the true nature of the protests to do so.

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In some cases this is made nakedly specific:

In Joe Biden’s America your task is prohibited, you are secured your house, borders do not exist, MS-13 lives next door and the cops aren’t coming when the mob arrives.

This is everybody.

— Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) June 29, 2020

However even the really require to get dragged to the point of condemning the “white power” belief is itself a signal in this regard. It’s a wink. It says: We need to be political correctness about this– double wink– but we comprehend why you feel by doing this

McEnany offered away the video game on “Fox & Buddies,” stating this:

His point in tweeting out that video was to stand with his advocates, who are oftentimes demonized, so he took it down however he does stand with the men and females of The Villages.

The “demonized” ones, the victimized ones, are his fans! This trades on a narrative Trump has actually long used, as Adam Serwer has actually detailed, in which Trump signals to supporters that “they are the true victims of discrimination” and see criticism of Trump’s bigotry “as an affirmation of their own victimhood.”

We understand Trump does not like such retreats. After Trump said his “numerous great individuals” comment about white-supremacist violence in Charlottesville, his advisers got him to offer conciliatory remarks. However Trump then raved that this shift made him look “weak.”

Simply put, racial strife benefits Trump, as former consultant Stephen K. Bannon has tacitly admitted Recall, too, that Trump’s campaign provocatively scheduled a rally on Juneteenth on the website of some of the worst racial violence in our history, but did not alter the date up until after days of criticism.

And Trump has actually consistently tarred demonstrations with “ racist tropes,” from tweeting out videos of blacks assaulting whites to calling protesters “THUGS” to threatening to let loose “vicious canines” on them, evoking violence versus civil rights protesters in the 1960 s.

White America is developing

The big problem here for Trump, however, is that much of white America is turning down all of this. As Ron Brownstein extensively reveals, recent ballot reveals that informed whites in specific see Trump’s race-war-mongering as a destructive and destabilizing force, that makes efforts to make use of condition to depict Trump as “strong” appear like an even greater failure.

Trump and his propagandists are continuously looking for that sweet area, in which they’re stimulating hard-core supporters by informing them they’re the victims in a race war while retreating simply enough from this suggestion to prevent additional alienating the white voters he’s currently driven away and severely requires back.

But, as the most recent ham-handed equivocation coming from the White Home demonstrates, and as the slide in Trump’s poll numbers even in the middle of the demonstrations has actually revealed, it’s a weak position from which to run for reelection.

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