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Tucker Carlson airs more leaked tapes of Cohen’s secret CNN conversations…

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Tucker Carlson airs more leaked tapes of Cohen’s secret CNN conversations…

Over the past two weeks, viewers of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News opinion show have been treated to what his news colleagues might consider a significant scoop: leaked audio recordings of CNN heavyweights, including anchor Chris Cuomo and President Jeff Zucker, speaking candidly with former Trump fixer Michael Cohen.Cohen has said publicly that he does not…

Tucker Carlson airs more leaked tapes of Cohen’s secret CNN conversations…

Over the previous 2 weeks, viewers of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News viewpoint program have been dealt with to what his news associates might think about a substantial scoop: dripped audio recordings of CNN heavyweights, consisting of anchor Chris Cuomo and President Jeff Zucker, speaking openly with previous Trump fixer Michael Cohen.

Cohen has said publicly that he does not understand how the recordings made their method into Carlson’s hands. On Twitter, he specified that the only people who have the tapes beside himself are President Trump, the Trump Organization and the Department of Justice, including, “I did not provide this recording or authorization for its usage to @FoxNews or anyone.” (A Fox News spokesperson stated that the network does not reveal its sources.)

While the origin of the tapes is still shrouded in secret, what’s clear is that Carlson has relished the possibility to utilize them to bash CNN over the head, part of a long-running– and seemly magnifying– war with the network that once utilized him. And if it appears like a curious diversion for a political expert during a hectic election season, Carlson’s CNN fixation broadly lines up with the Trump project’s media-bashing method.

CNN has declined to comment on the content of the tape recordings. Network officials see the tapes as part of a collective effort by Trump-boosting conservatives to assault critics of the president and have actually selected not to engage with any of the drip-drip revelations. (Conservative expert Arthur Schwartz, who has actually described himself as “generally a [expletive] giant on Twitter,” has heavily promoted the leaks on social networks.)

The release of the tapes seems timed to undermine the rollout of Cohen’s tell-all book, “Disloyal,” which has brought the onetime press antagonist to MSNBC and Don Lemon’s CNN show for marketing interviews.

After teasing the tapes on a Friday night program, Carlson relayed the first recording on Sept. 1. In it, Cuomo can be heard complaining to Cohen about journalists calling his former colleagues at ABC, where he once worked, “and lying about things they heard about me to try and get stories about me” including his behavior toward ladies. Though the discussion was uncertain, Carlson took upon it to question whether Cuomo had actually been implicated of sexual harassment. (No such claims have actually been reported.)

The next recording featured Zucker, who can be heard talking fondly about then-candidate Donald Trump, throughout the heat of the 2016 Republican presidential primary and reverently describing him as “the one in charge.”

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Zucker, who introduced the Trump truth show “The Apprentice” in 2004 while he supervised the NBC’s home entertainment division, has because become a harsh critic of the president and his treatment of journalism. The 2016 taping caught a far more pleasant Zucker who floated the concept of Trump hosting a program on his network. “I have all these propositions for him,” Zucker is heard saying. “I want to do a weekly show with him and all this things.”

In the recording, Zucker revealed issue about the effects of his discussions with the president going public, saying, “You know, as fond as I am of the one in charge, he also has a tendency– if I call him or I email him, he then can heading out in his next rally and saying that we just talked, and I can’t have that, if you know what I’m saying.”

Carlson’s third audio release, on Wednesday night, was a clip of Cuomo going over a possible interview with Cohen in 2018– in Carlson’s view, proof that Cuomo had actually “scripted” an interview for Cohen. Cuomo is heard telling Cohen that he would look for assistance on the legal ramifications of what Cohen might state in an interview.

It’s unidentified whether Carlson prepares to launch more dripped recordings. They certainly discovered one fan. President Trump greeted the very first Cuomo tape by tweeting that CNN must fire him (” He consults with excellent disrespect about ladies, and it will just get worse.”) Trump also indicated that he has insight into Carlson’s broadcasts, tweeting today that there are “a lot more tapes” of Cohen with Cuomo “and other media scum press reporters.”

Cuomo has actually been a regular punching bag on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” During a July 2019 segment, Carlson said that Cuomo “can barely speak English” and showed videos of Cuomo exercising, with a caption at the bottom of the screen reading “How Did This Male Enter Into Yale University?” In April, Carlson buffooned a dramatic video of Cuomo leaving his basement after being quarantined there after contracting covid-19 “We viewed him seize every chance to advise everyone viewing that he was really sick and in extremely rigorous containment,” Carlson said. A few days later, Carlson spoke with a man who claimed to have had a spoken fight with Cuomo outside his house in the Hamptons in the days before his reentry, recommending that it was “fake” and a “scandal.”

The rhetorical war has been two-sided. In March 2019, Cuomo called Carlson a “coward” who is “on the Trump train over at state TV.” He likewise periodically buffoons the network during his nightly handoff sectors with Lemon.

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