Video Marketing Tools | Video Payflow Review

FAQs – Check the Video Review and Demonstration

What is it?

One of the most affordable video marketing tools for tangible or digital products ever designed. Video Payflow is a one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin online video marketing tool that enables complete purchase checkout from inside a video. Selling tangible products or digital products with it is easy.

What does it do?

It generates a complete in-video checkout system, wherein a customer steps from your offer to their purchase to your product delivery to your Thank you page without ever leaving your video. It does this in a clear simple way that saves video marketers a ton of time. The results speak for themselves. Therefore, check out the video demonstration.

Works for both digital and tangible products.

How is it different from other video marketing tools?

A customer completes the purchase process without leaving the video.

The offer, checkout process, product delivery, and Thank you page are all done without leaving the video.

Videos containing the entire sales and purchase process, can be embedded anywhere on your website or on social media.

Some Benefits of video marketing tools

  • Setup online offers in minutes, not hours, or days.
  • Increase conversion by simplifying the checkout process for your video viewers and watch the results.
  • Start selling without having to create a text-based sales page and save time.
  • A sales process that does not need a thank you page that you have to create and hook up.
  • Maximize sales conversions with in-built video marketing tools.

Who is it for?

Anyone selling online who wants to get sales from product review videos. Perfect for those who want to maximize video marketing tools to their fullest.

How does it work?

You simply fill out a form on your WordPress website, and Video Payflow takes care of the rest.

You enter a sales video (URL or Video ID) and a thank you video, and you are done!

For automating product delivery, you can add a download, members’ logins, and other links that will be given to the customer after payment has been made.

Its most important video marketing feature?

A systematic checkout process without ever leaving the video thus cutting down on confusion or uncertainty or broken links.

What does Video Payflow change for me?

Radically reduces workload and time for setting up an offer.

Enables you to convert a simple video offer, to a sales machine and saves effort.

Video marketing tools enable marketers to create the on-brand promotional videos they need to stand out online. Adding a video to a landing page increases conversions, and improves user experience (after all, everyone loves video content.) It also helps increase email marketing conversion rates and boosts social media engagement, which then strengthens SEO activities.

Video continues to dominate social media channels. It is a highly effective tool for increasing brand awareness, addressing barriers to sale, driving high-quality leads and ultimately increasing sales and conversions. By using video-making software brands can create, edit, modify, and publish video content at scale across all channels—and learn from the results.

Benefits of video marketing tools

No need for specific technical knowledge .

Users of the best video marketing tools don’t need to have additional video editing or design skills. Content is easily edited, modified, and personalized through an intuitive interface, and branded templates can be used to save time, and ensure consistency with brand guidelines.

Why Use Video?

Many brands struggle to produce enough video content to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. Video marketing tools speed up content creation and publication processes, and improve collaboration. They also enable marketers to automate aspects of the video production process, and create different versions to suit specific channels, and platforms.

Quicker production and publishing workflows

Boost content performance and ROI

Clickable Video Marketing Tool

The best video marketing tools come with built-in features that are optimized for algorithms on social media platforms, and other marketing channels. This improves content performance, while delivering a seamless, high-quality user experience.

By monitoring engagement, marketers can identify areas for improvement, and opportunities for increasing ROI.

How important is video?

So important, Instagram abandoned its photo-sharing app identity to go all-in on video. July 5th, 2021, Instagram declared they are no longer a photo-sharing app. That’s how important video is now. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, says there are four trends right now that are heavily influencing their strategy:

  • Creators (shift in power from the institution to individual)
  • Video—which is driving an immense amount of growth online right now
  • Shopping—the pandemic accelerated the shift from offline to online by several years
  • Messaging—how people connect with their close friends has changed in the past five years

But the main thing driving the shift to more video, according to Adam? It’s simple, really. People just want to be entertained. These days, everyone wants the Netflix experience. This longing for entertainment isn’t just evident for consumers of B2C and D2C brands—even B2G and B2B audiences are craving original, on-demand, story-driven video content, as made famous by Netflix. And the recent launch of Salesforce+ proves the B2B giants are listening. Carla Piñyero Sublett, CMO at IBM, recently had this to say about video and storytelling: “The need for storytelling in B2B marketing is even more crucial after COVID, which has impacted how people like to consume information.”

Since video has become so important in the marketing world, it is critical for video marketers to have at their disposal the best video marketing tools. Video Payflow fulfills many of the greatest needs of video marketers. It allows a video viewer of a product review video to complete the purchase process of any physical or digital product right in the video itself.