VideoCreator App – Breakthrough in Video Creation

Videocreator app is a breakthrough in professional video creations.

What Is VideoCreator?

VideoCreator allows anyone to create any style of video, in a variety of niches in just about every language. In addition, no technical skills or experience are required to get great results! It’s a cloud-based app and is an all-in-one powerful video animation suite.  Unlike other video apps that you may have seen before, VideoCreator comes loaded with over 700 jaw-dropping video templates in the front-end product alone.

This is the largest collection of high quality customizable video templates available in any ONE app.

No other video app in the market comes with the latest technologies. Advanced technologies like Motion Tracking, Logo Mapping, Scroll Stoppers, Neon Videos, 3D visuals and live action videos specific to local businesses feature real humans from various professions. So this may be perfect for local businesses considering creating their business videos.

There are hundreds of unique video templates available to owners that will impress you and anyone who sees them.. Competing apps only allow users to create short 30 second videos. With VideoCreator your customers or you can create long-length explainer and animated videos using professional ready-to-use video templates!

Encyclopedia of Video Templates

VideoCreator is like an encyclopedia for videos. It features HUNDREDS of beautiful video templates. Anything you can imagine, you can build in minutes with VideoCreator… Create amazing Scroll Stoppers, 3D Product Features, Ecommerce Videos, Motion Tracking Videos, Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, Logo Reveals, Whiteboard Videos, Live Action Videos, 3D Visual Effects, Hyper Realistic Dynamic Scenes, Video Ads, Social Media Videos and a whole lot more.

Personal Experience with Videocreator

In this video, I do a review on VideoCreator. You can create different types of videos using premade or DFY video templates that are professionally-designed.

VideoCreator Review and Demo

Types of Video You Can Create

The types of videos you can create includes: logo reveals, live action and motion-tracking videos, promotional and marketing videos, eCommerce videos, scroll stoppers, social media and video ads,

Facebook cover videos and much more. Based on my own experience using VideoCreator, I found it easy to use because you can create your videos step-by-step by following the built-in wizard that walk you through all the steps.

How to Create a Video with Videocreator

To create a video project in VideoCreator you: (1) choose a video template; (2) customize it by editing text and adding your own images/video clips; (3) and finally render the MP4 video. You can create regular 16:9 aspect ratio videos, as well as vertical and square videos. You can upload your own image and video clips, but you also have the option to access millions of royalty-free and copyright-free images and videos from Pixabay, Pexels and Jump Story.

Most of my videos rendered in 2 to 10 minutes depending on the video template. However, some videos can take much longer to render. You get the commercial version with the front-end, but I would also recommend getting the VideoCreator Deluxe upgrade.

Upgrade is Good

With this upgrade, you will get: a agency license allowing up to 5 users to use the app; you can render up to 1080p resolution videos; It’s possible to render up to 6 video projects at a time; you get 200 additional templates; and 20 new templates will be added each month (for a year).

If that’s not good enough for you, how about you get all of this for a one-time price? And you won’t pay a monthly fee. You will also get several amazing bonuses that you will find useful in your promotional and marketing endeavors.

During the launch period, you can get VideoCreator at a discounted one-time price. Additionally,  Apart from the Deluxe upgrade, there are a few other upgrades like: VidEditor Unlimited which is an online video editor; VoiceSuite Unlimited which is an online text-to-speech engine; and VideoPlayer Unlimited. It allows you to host and create your own branded video player.

Rendering times for your videos are too long for some video creators when using this app.  That’s because there are so many elements that it has to deal with when assembling a video.  It could take anywhere from 10 minutes for a short video to 30 minutes for a longer one.

Who Developed this App?

Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar developed this app over the past three years. Paul Ponna also developed videorobot, videobuilder, and several other very popular video products. He specializes in video apps and tries his best to incorporate the best features of the the best video makers out there.  The video effects are stunning .   Videocreator combines the best of all of them.  For $67, you can’t really go wrong.  Adding the upgrades adds power to your video creation efforts.

Now, I wrote this quick review of VideoCreator and if you’re interested, you should watch the video about it on youtube or go to my link to purchase it. I will make a commission from your purchase.

VideoCreator Review


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