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What is QAnon? What We Know About the Conspiracy Theory – The Wall Street Journal


What is QAnon? What We Know About the Conspiracy Theory – The Wall Street Journal

The conspiracy theory group known as QAnon has grown in popularity in recent months. It has spread from fringe message boards to mainstream platforms, and it has increasingly become a political issue. Here is what we know about QAnon, its conspiracy theory and how it started.QAnon is a far right-wing, loosely organized network and community…

What is QAnon? What We Know About the Conspiracy Theory – The Wall Street Journal

The conspiracy theory group called QAnon has grown in appeal in current months. It has spread out from fringe message boards to mainstream platforms, and it has actually increasingly become a political problem Here is what we understand about QAnon, its conspiracy theory and how it began.

QAnon is a far conservative, loosely arranged network and neighborhood of followers who accept a wide variety of dubious theories. These views focus around the tenet that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, generally including what they view as elitist Democrats, political leaders, reporters, home entertainment moguls and other institutional figures, have long controlled much of the “deep state” federal government, which they state looks for to undermine President Trump, primarily with help of media and home entertainment outlets.

What is the QAnon conspiracy theory?

QAnon conspiracy theory declares that there is a battle of excellent versus wicked in which the Republican Mr. Trump sides with the former. QAnon fans are waiting for 2 major occasions: the Storm and the Great Awakening. The Storm is the mass arrest of individuals in high-power positions who will face a long-awaited numeration. The Great Awakening includes a single occasion in which everyone will reach the surprise that QAnon theory was accurate the whole time. This awareness will enable society to go into an age of paradise.

Who is “Q”?

Followers believe that “Q” is a high-ranking federal government insider, presumably with a military or intelligence background, committed to exposing the hidden fact of what they view as an international administration scheming against Mr. Trump and his supporters. Some followers believe that “Q” often sends out coded signals of his or her existence, utilizing the number 17, the letter Q’s placement in the alphabet. Often, online posts behind QAnon conspiracy theories have actually described “Q” as a patriot or saint.

Where and how did QAnon start?

In October 2017, messages on the confidential online messaging board 4chan attributed to “Q Clearance Patriot” were published and signed off by a user called “Q,” referencing the Energy Department’s highest level of security clearance concerning nuclear weapons known as “Q clearance.” These cryptic messages would later on be referred to as Q drops or breadcrumbs, private code that frequently made their method into pro-Trump slogans, messages and followers.

A year prior, a man armed with an assault rifle fired several shots inside Comet Ping Pong, a Washington, D.C., pizza dining establishment, and was later on apprehended. Before the shooting, Trump supporters and white supremacists on social networks spread an incorrect conspiracy theory asserting that Hillary Clinton and her previous project chairman, John Podesta, ran a child sex ring in the basement of a pizzeria that had no basement. The shooting has actually since been considered a precursor to QAnon.

Political conventions have actually progressed from celebration meetings to pick a candidate to days-long TELEVISION advertisements. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib explains why 2020’s occasions might be an inflection point, and what might follow. Image: Associated Press.
How popular is QAnon?

A brand-new analysis discovers that groups perpetuating QAnon conspiracy theory have increased in popularity on.


and Instagram considering that the start of the coronavirus pandemic due to individuals investing more time at house and in front of screens. One Facebook group called QAnon News & Updates-Intel drops, breadcrumbs, & the war against the Cabal increased its subscription by more than 10 times from Jan. 1 to Aug. 1 of this year.

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What are.


and Facebook doing to deal with QAnon?

Twitter has said it would increase enforcement against QAnon conspiracy fans According to Twitter, the social networks platform has actually prohibited more than 7,000 QAnon-related accounts in recent weeks, wanting to restrict the reach and distribution of approximately 150,000 accounts around the world. Furthermore, the platform will no longer highlight QAnon-related posts in searches or recommendations.

Facebook just recently removed a group called Official Q/Qanon of almost 200,000 members for breaching the platform’s policies on false information, bullying, hate speech and harassment. An examination previously this year by the company resulted in the removal of 5 pages, 20 Facebook accounts and six groups coming from the U.S. that “linked this activity to people associated with the QAnon network known to spread fringe conspiracy theories.”

Facebook stated its probe was “part of [our] internal investigations into suspected collaborated inauthentic habits ahead of the 2020 election in the U.S.” Facebook is examining further action against QAnon.

Is QAnon hazardous?

A memo released in May by the Federal Bureau of Examination determined QAnon as a prospective domestic terrorism danger, pointing out a minimum of two incidents linking QAnon with the planning and execution of violent acts.

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